G.O.A.T. collectible cards are divided into 4 different categories and those categories are called traits. When a new athlete or celebrity is enrolled in the system, they can enroll with one or more traits beginning at level 0. The athlete or celebrity will gain levels in each of the four categories in order to increase the value of their underlying digital assets.

These cards represent one’s prominence and esteem in their audience.

These cards represent qualities and senses related to appearance and physique.

These cards represent an individual’s unique tactics and methods of performing a task or achieving a result.

These cards are about intensity, agility and potency of the skills of athletes, players and individuals in performing arts.

Card Levels

All the collectible cards have levels. As the athlete or celebrity evolves / makes progress in their respective spaces, they can gain levels by uploading new proofs, thus initiating a new vote for the level up acceptance. If granted by voters, a new level score is rewarded - all decided from the decentralized public voting process.





Trading and Marketplace

All the digital collectible cards will be initially available on the marketplace when they are created by the athletes or celebrities. Users can purchase the cards with GCRT tokens from the marketplace. Once the cards are sold for the first time, they can further be traded between a user to user within the special trading section in the marketplace. Owners of the cards can put their collectibles for sale at a price tag of their choice.

Security and Authenticity


All the cards are unique in their own way and are digitally signed by the athlete or celebrity’s private keys which makes it impossible to create fraudulent copies under the system. We make sure there is only one, unique digital collectible card, of a kind.



An athlete or celebrity stats and levels are decided by a public voting process. The voting system works on a blockchain to make sure the votes are immutable. The levels and level scores are calculated from these votes and thus are authentic.


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